Practice Areas

Patent / IP Litigation

In a high-stakes IP litigation, the advantage often goes to the side with the most litigation experience.  The legal talent at DeMatteo Law has over 20+ years experience litigating IP disputes in various Federal Courts across the nation, as well as before the International Trade Commission.  We have extensive technical experience, with Mr. DeMatteo holding … read more →

PTAB Proceedings (IPR/CBM)

In part as a reaction to the skyrocketing costs of patent litigation to both plaintiffs and accused infringers, Congress introduced the America Invents Act in 2011. The Act, which went into effect in 2012, implements new laws designed to raise the quality of issued patents, including laws implementing new patent review procedures (i.e., Inter Partes … read more →

Patent Prosecution / Procurement

At DeMatteo Law, we understand that patents are one of the most valuable assets that small-to-mid sized businesses can acquire because they provide the means for not only creating revenue through licensing and other monetization activities, but also for carving out exclusive practice rights in tight, competitive markets.  For this reason, we make it our … read more →

IP Due Diligence

IP Due Diligence and Opinions

Intellectual Property is fast becoming one of the most valuable categories of assets a company can possess.  The success of a licensing or litigation strategy, or even a corporate merger or acquisition, can often times hinge on the strength and breadth of an underlying portfolio of IP assets. We have substantial experience examining and analyzing IP assets … read more →

Trademark Prosecution

A company’s brand is often a client’s most valuable and sacred asset.  We at DeMatteo Law understand the importance of protecting a brand through cost-effective trademark registration and related activities, particularly when a company expands the scope of its products and services, and the markets it serves.  We can advise on the strength of a … read more →

Commercial / Civil Litigation

Commercial / Civil Litigation

We at DeMatteo Law understand that it takes more than aggressive advocacy and experience to be successful litigating general commercial and civil cases. It takes an ability to see the big picture in the context of a client’s business goals, and the talent to implement and execute a litigation strategy that effectively explains complex business … read more →