IP Due Diligence and Opinions

IP Due Diligence

Intellectual Property is fast becoming one of the most valuable categories of assets a company can possess.  The success of a licensing or litigation strategy, or even a corporate merger or acquisition, can often times hinge on the strength and breadth of an underlying portfolio of IP assets.

We have substantial experience examining and analyzing IP assets in various contexts, including in connection with IP acquisition for licensing and enforcement strategies, technology licenses (both exclusive and non-exclusive) and corporate transactions involving the sale or purchase of IP assets.  Regardless of whether you seek to buy or sell IP assets, we assess the value of the IP by examining the strength, scope and enforceability of the IP in view of current laws, as well as the chain of title and potential of the IP to generate value long into the future.  We also tailor our due diligence opinions and asses IP value based on the intended use of the IP, whether that use be to engage in licensing or enforcement activities (providing Infringement, validity and/or enforceability opinions), or to obtain a competitive advantage in a particular market.

Due diligence services:

  • IP infringement opinions
  • IP validity opinions
  • IP enforceability opinions
  • IP value opinions
  • IP roadmap strategies and market assessment
  • IP freedom to operate opinions