Patent / IP Litigation

In a high-stakes IP litigation, the advantage often goes to the side with the most litigation experience.  The legal talent at DeMatteo Law has over 20+ years experience litigating IP disputes in various Federal Courts across the nation, as well as before the International Trade Commission.  We have extensive technical experience, with Mr. DeMatteo holding a Bacehlor of Science Degree in electrical engineering, and have litigated patent cases and other IP disputes across numerous technical disciplines, including flash memory devices and consumer products incorporating same, telecommunications equipment, automated mail delivery systems, personal computers, video games, electronic securities exchanges, electronic ratings systems, radio frequency identification systems, automatic storage and retrieval systems, child safety devices, universal remote controls, and laminated flooring products.  Our clients benefit not only from the experience of our legal talent—and our ability to resolve disputes short of trial—but also from our IP prosecution and licensing skills, which we bring to bear in shaping winning litigation strategies.

At DeMatteo Law, we understand that litigation is not an end in and of itself, but rather a means to achieving our client’s business objectives and goals.  At the start of any litigation engagement, we focus on strategy and themes to best tell our client’s story before a jury. While most cases settle before reaching trial, our detail oriented and theme-based case development optimize the chances of winning pre-trial disputes and, accordingly, the likelihood of obtaining favorable pre-trial settlements.  At the same time, we are mindful of our clients and their desire to keep costs down.  This is why we staff cases leanly, and often entertain alternative fee arrangements for litigation, including flat fee agreements for various phases of a case.  We are also “strategic” in how we prepare a case for trial, never wasting time and client resources on unfocused and useless discovery or motion practice.

We are also highly experienced in litigating cases for and against non-practicing entities (NPE) before various courts across the nation, including the Eastern District of Texas, the Eastern District of Virginia, Delaware, and the Central District of Florida.  We understand the “business” of patent litigation, and how it shapes the strategy of NPEs in selecting jurisdictions and targets for monetization activities.  We also have contacts at various funds which traditionally invest in NPEs and other IP monetization activities.